Our Process

We know that successful business owners continuously improve the position of their enterprise. They take a holistic approach to improvement that looks beyond revenue and across all functional areas of the business. Our profile analysis will score and identify the operational areas of a business that present opportunities to improve overall quality and increase value. 


Time Frame

We work with our clients to improve their business operations for a period of one to two years. This time frame allows for the design of a plan to improve the value of the business, and for implementation and measurement of results against the plan objectives. 

The Exit Planning Process from Business Succession Advisers, LLC

Our Team Approach

We will design and implement a plan to improve the value of your business alongside your existing group of trusted advisers. Our team-oriented approach ensures that the people who have a long-standing relationship with you will be an integral part of the process. 



Programs and Grants

Ask our team about Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund Programs and Express Grants that may pay up to 50% of the cost of workforce training programs. These programs include front line training on machine set-up and operation, as well as employee development and training in project management, sales, software, customer service and management.